Hood River Seed

Tall Fescue

HYMARK - Tall Fescue 

Hymark is an early-medium maturing variety that has been tested throughout North America with excellent results. Hymark is an exceptional option for pasture situations and pure grass hay. It was developed for increased yield potential and expanded seasonal forage production through selection for continuous forage output during the production season. Active selection pressure throughout the breeding process for improved resistance to drought stress and common diseases along with rapid establishment gives Hymark an edge in both grazing and hay cutting systems.

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OTARIA - Tall Fescue

Otaria is a medium-late maturing forage. It is a soft leafed variety that was developed for its excellent disease resistance. Otaria has rapid shoot and leaf development in the spring and it forms a very dense sward of highly persistent forage. Otaria is a good alternative to other forage grasses in both dry and wet soil conditions. It is an excellent partner with alfalfa or clover for hay or haylage production as well as for livestock grazing.

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