Hood River Seed

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Berseem Clover 

WINNER - Berseem Clover

Winner Berseem clover is a heavy N producing, summer annual legume. It is excellent for suppressing weeds, preventing erosion and providing nitrogen. Winner is very susceptible to cold winter temperatures, making it ideal as a winter killed cover crop before corn. 

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ROBUST - Red Clover

Robust red clover is a high quality, short/intermediate lived, perennial clover that is used in mixed or pure stands for pasture, hay, silage, green chop, soil improvement and wildlife habitat situations. Robust is adapted to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions and therefore is very versatile as a forage crop. Stands are generally productive for two or three years. It is relatively drought tolerant and is an excellent option for high quality stands where alfalfa is not suitable or desired. Proven throughout North America, Robust has provided good yields and persistence throughout its market territory. 

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Ladino Clover


BOMBUS - Ladino Clover 

Bombus is a large leafed, late maturing ladino clover and an excellent companion to Robust red clover in pastures and grazing mixes as well as any wildlife mix. While Bombus does not handle heat or drought as well as Robust red clover, its stoloniferous growth habit allows it to persist in fields and pastures over long periods of time. Bombus was bred for more upright growth habit and improved disease resistance, resulting in more forage per acre and better persistence.

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Red Clover