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DYNA-GAIN - Forage Diploid Annual Ryegrass
Dyna Gain is a strong performing, diploid annual ryegrass that exhibits high forage yields and exceptional persistence even under cold and drought conditions. Dyna-Gain has improved disease resistance    particu-larly to crown rust providing improved forage production throughout the spring. Its outstanding root structure makes it ideal for cover crops to improve soil tilth, create root channels and pull up excess nutri-ents from the previous crop. Dyna-Gain is highly digestible and will provide ample nutrition for all live-stock animals. Download PDF

AMP - Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
Amp is an early maturing, tetraploid annual
ryegrass developed for increased forage matter production and high sugar content that animals crave. It has great rust resistance, deep roots, high vigor during establishment and superior early spring growth. Amp has a high level of non-structural carbohydrates and good palatability making it an excellent choice for early spring grazing or haylage.

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