Hood River Seed

Providing the Best Products for Your Farm

In the near future, you will start seeing the “Essential Science” logo on selected products in the Hood River Seed lineup. Every day, the industry puts products out on the market with a “hope and a prayer” that they might work without the least amount of testing or data to back them up. Sometimes these products work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they work in one part of the country or in one environment but not in another. The goal of “Essential Science” is to identify products that have been tested, proven and selected to work well on your farm. These are the products that have been proven to be elite genetics. 

Proven Genetics: We can’t control the weather but we can control the quality of products that go into the bag and onto your farm. Essential Science products are tested and proven to provide a benefit to your farming operation.

Essential Science

Producing Excellence

Hood River Seed offers a full line of forage and cover crop varieties. We also offer custom blending and mixing to meet any specific needs you might need.

  • Ryegrass
  • Fescue
  • Cover Crops
  • Clovers
  • Brassicas
  • Legumes

From Our Farm To Yours

To provide a better product you have to be a better company. Hood River Seed was born from this idea. Our philosophy is to offer the best products, best service and the most knowledge to our customers. 

We offer reliable seed production which ensures consistent availability and pricing all while producing tons of high-quality forage and protecting your biggest investment...your land.