Badger Brand daikon radish- It all starts with the taproot. Seed selected to go into the Badger brand bag has an aggressive taproot that can drill through compaction where steel can’t, allowing for root channels for subsequent crops to access much needed nutrients and water. Badger brand radish has significantly more roots than that of rye or rape. Upon decomposition, these roots leave the mined nutrients in the upper 10” of soil where the subsequent crop needs it. 

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DOUBLE MAX - Fodder Radish 

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RESPECT- Fodder Radish

Respect fodder (nematode) radish is very valuable in helping control sugarbeet cyst nematodes as it has Class I resistance to Heterodera schachitii and Heterodera betae nematode found in sugar beets. It has also recently been shown to significantly reduce soybean cyst nematode populations as well. Respect can also be used as a cover crop where breaking up soil compaction is desired. It forms a small diameter tap root typically 1-2” in diameter that can go down 3’-5’ into the soil profile. It is late maturing and an excellent green manure crop, grazing crop or biofumigant. 

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